A few words about the company...


The beginnings of Kegger date back to 2009, when a narrow group of people operating in the commercial car industry gathered under the common motto of creating a completely different car transporter bodywork. We were guided by clear goals: quality, lightness and durability. From the very beginning, we wanted to design and implement into mass production bodywork that would cope with the most demanding customers. This is how we created the concept, whose implementation and continuous improvement continues to this day.

After ten years of intensive work, we are in a place that can be considered satisfactory, but not for us... Kegger raises the bar every day and at every moment of work, from the design phase through subsequent stages to the final product, it makes every effort to improve its creation. There have been several breakthrough moments in our history. Definitely two should be considered as major. The first is the decision to build our own facilities in which we can work in an environment far beyond the reach of our competition, and the second falls on mid-2016, when there was a definite change in the company’s management and new, ambitious goals were set. Today we know that all these activities proved to be the proverbial hit the bull’s-eye.



Improvement of the design and production processes are the current activities which we undertake in order to satisfy the dynamically growing market for Kegger vehicle bodies. We are present on a mass scale in most European countries, our native market is also developing very well among clients looking for the highest quality. The next step that we will soon implement is the significant expansion of our existing facilities. As a result, the level and quality of our production will exceed the next levels clearly set by our Management Board.



Every day, we endeavour to meet the requirements of our demanding customers, because it is working with them that affects our development the most. If you are looking for a car transporter bodywork that is to meet your expectations, our team of several dozen will do everything to achieve it. Contact us. Our sales department, regardless of the country from which you are calling or your language, will prepare you an offer that will respond to your expectations.

We hope to hear or see you.

Kegger Sp. z o.o. Team and Management Board.